How I Got Addicted

I was hooked on fantasy football, my first season. As a football fan, with an aptitude for Microsoft Excel and statistics, I thought that I was in heaven. It didn’t matter to me, that I made many rookie mistakes. I was the butt of many jokes in the fantasy football league, and didn’t care at all. I was having fun being the underdog, surprising others with my occasional victories, and even making it to the playoffs.

The next season, I declared “Revenge of the Rookie.” Some scoffed, and teasingly reminded me not to repeat the same rookie mistakes. They also laughed at the many books which I was reading, in preparation for my second season. They even downplayed the Excel spreadsheets that I created to help me draft my team.

Week 1, I played the previous champion and beat him. Week 10, I clinched a position in the playoffs, and got a shot to be champion. Week 16, I made it to the championship, but lost. As 2nd Place out of twelve teams, I had finally gained the respect of the other players.

My career has required much Excel use. Yet, I’ve never had so much fun implementing PivotTables, LOOKUP’S and blended rankings, until playing fantasy football. Hours flew by, as I converted masses of raw football data into charts and rankings. I admit, it became an obsession…but a joyful one.


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