Mock Drafts for Real Wins

mock draft tracker fantasy football excel spreadsheet cheat sheetTraining camps now buzz with intense anticipation.  Coaches brandish their stopwatches and clipboards.  Players invest nearly all of their waking hours in the gym and on the field.

They are preparing…fine tuning…practicing.  Are you?


By now, you’ve probably begun building your cheat sheet with the 8 Steps in Excel for Fantasy Football.  Good!  Your cheat sheet is customized to your league’s point scheme.

Next, you will deploy the Schedule Impact for RB’s and QB’s.  (WR’s suffer too many variables to apply a Schedule Impact reliably.)

Fine Tune

Remember to apply your qualitative judgement with side notes on injuries, suspensions, and other unquantifiable factors.  Adjust rankings accordingly.


Now, with your cheat sheet ready (Be proud; you worked hard on it.), customize your Draft Tracker to your league.

Most leagues allow 2 minutes or less, to draft a player each round.  (Mine allows 90 seconds.)  Practice using your Draft Tracker strategically with mock drafts.  Yahoo! hosts tons of free mock drafts.

You have nothing to lose in a mock draft.  You are anonymously drafting against strangers, who are also testing out their draft strategies.

Your resulting mock roster is not important.  Your actual roster will be different, anyway.

Become proficient with your tiered cheat sheet and Draft Tracker.  Get rapidly decisive.  Practice using your Draft Tracker to anticipate others’ picks, and position runs.

Get the draft jitters out with a mock draft.  You don’t want nerves impeding you on Draft Day.

You’re lean and mean, now!  I’m beginning to feel sorry for your opponents.


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