What To Do Once Your Fantasy Football Draft Is Over (via ffstats)

Remember to consider how many Tier 2 QB’s will be available, if you drop your QB2 for a RB handcuff. (It made sense in my 8-team league, but not my 12-team league.) I have a feeling that RB handcuffs are going to be quite popular this season, since the lockout compromised a lot of players’ conditioning.

Eventually this project will get more and more numerically involved. But until the season kicks off, I'm gonna start off with some general advice on perfecting your fantasy football roster while we wait for play to begin. Most of what's being written about fantasy football these days aims to help the typical owner out with their draft day strategy. But just because you've already made your picks doesn't mean you can't improve your team before kic … Read More

via ffstats


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