Value Based Draftomatic Excel Spreadsheet

Fantasy Football Draftomatic

The Fantasy Football Draftomatic (FFD) spreadsheet ranks players, using the powerful technique of Value Based Drafting (VBD). This method actually customizes your cheat sheet to your own fantasy football league’s specifications.

If you’re short on time or not interested in learning more Excel skills, get my new Fantasy Football Draftomatic spreadsheet. It automatically customizes your draft cheat sheet quickly and easily.

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Click image to download.

On the other hand, if you want a fun way to learn PivotTables and VLOOKUP, then check out one of my books, Excel for Fantasy Football.

Whichever you choose, you’ll be ahead of your opponents who merely use canned cheat sheets available to anybody.

I want you to have a great draft and season. So, draft smart, have fun, and good luck!

Order now, before the draft. You’ll be glad you did!

Value Based Draft Excel Spreadsheet Fantasy Football

“You have put a great resource together.” –Robert B.

“Thanks for such an awesome spreadsheet. Saved me a ton of work!” –Oscar

“I absolutely loved your Draftomatic… All the guys in my league were very impressed with how much better I played this year.” — Jeri D.

“Thanks again for helping me win the championship!” — Taylor M.


9 responses to “Value Based Draftomatic Excel Spreadsheet

  1. Looks good. I brought your fantasy excel 2003 fantasy book and love it. It’s well written and easy to understand and follow.

    Where is the download link? Keep up the good job bro!

  2. I had 4 fantasy team all made the playoff and 3 out of the 4 teams placed 1st!!! hehehe can’t wait to play this year.

  3. That’s awesome news, Simon! Thanks for sharing it. Also, thanks for the positive feedback. 🙂

    Which download link are you looking for? If you’re looking for the free NFL stats, go here:

    Good luck, this season!

  4. Value Based Draftomatic spreadsheet

  5. For the Value Based Draftomatic, you can click the above image of the Input Sheet or go here:

  6. qb projections tab you use the projections of the fantasy excel book from step1-7??

  7. there is still a way to do overall ranking of all players after creating the cheatsheet by following your book since it only ranks players by their position?

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