This is an easy way to add WR’s to your list of potential sleepers.

The Fantasy Fumble

Pre-Season Receptions

Every NFL Pre-Season is full of games, players and statistics that do not matter.  Except one!  Every once in a while the leading pre-season receiver will put up fantasy relevant numbers.  It is easier for a receiver to move up on the depth chart than a QB or RB because there are 6 receivers that play each and every week.  So good per-season stats earn a roster spot and regular season plays which can lead to fantasy relevancy.  Every year I ignore almost all preseason stats except the leading receiver.  Additionally, I am not even saying that this guy should be drafted, but he is someone I add to my watch list.  To be honest I stole this strategy from George Barrett when he had success in drafting Jason Witten early on in his career after he led the league in pre-season receiving yards.  Here is a brief list…

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  1. Thanks for the Re-Blog. I have always loved your site and spreadsheets.

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