With the way RG3 runs that ball, I’m surprised that he’s lasted this long.

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Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III escaped serious injury last week, but will fantasy football owners escape the terror of not having him available for Sunday’s matchup against the Cleveland Browns?

RG3 took to the podium on Wednesday after practice and the “positive vibes” continued. When asked about his playing potential this week, the rookie stated “I feel really good about it…planting and throwing is not a problem.” Outside of the obvious structural differences, Griffin noted the difference between his current situation compared to his days at Baylor University, when he tore his ACL. Where he was limited physically after the tear, Griffin feels that won’t be the case with his current LCL sprain, noting a key factor is he “can make instinctive moves” this time around.

The vibes all point towards RG3 stepping on the field this week, but the reality of…

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