As an undervalued workhorse, Steven Jackson (STL – RB) makes up for any lackluster production with fantasy point consistency. He’s helped more than one of my teams get to the championships. Blogs

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Jackson end retirement rumors: Just a few days ago, St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson suggested that 2012 could be his final season. Apparently that was a false alarm. Following Sunday’s season-ending loss to the Seattle Seahawks, the veteran rusher told reporters that he’ll be back for a 10th season. Few backs have been as durable as Jackson over the past decade, even if his production has declined in recent seasons. But as a free agent, there is a legitimate question as to whether or not he remains with the Rams. Certainly his fantasy value will be determined by where he lands for the 2013 season.

Cowboys stars injured: The Dallas Cowboys had plenty of injury added to the insult of their season-ending loss to the rival Washington Redskins. Tony Romo suffered a cracked rib, Dez Bryant left the game with…

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