Fantasy Football Draftomatic Strategies and Tips

  • In general, draft players in the order of their VBD scores (highest to lowest) on the “Step 2 – Player Rankings” worksheet.
  • Click the Rank Players button again on the day of the draft. Projections are updated regularly. So, you want to work with the most current data.
  • Be very careful when considering a QB or TE for your first draft pick.  Even if the Draftomatic ranks a QB or TE high, consider drafting the next RB or WR, especially if the VBD difference is small.  (The few exceptions include Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers.)
  • In the early and middle rounds, don’t overload on QB’s or TE’s.  The Draftomatic might rank some QB’s and TE’s high, as other teams snatch up RB’s and WR’s. This causes a glut of QB’s or TE’s.  Remember to use your qualitative judgement, in addition to the player rankings.  It’s okay to skip players on the Player Rankings, if you have a good reason. (Personally, I don’t draft backup QB’s or TE’s. QB is the least injured offensive position on the field; RB is the most injured. So, I prefer to have plenty of backup RB’s and WR’s instead.)
  • Don’t be first to draft a DEF. Next to Kicker, DEF is usually the least valuable, and most replaced position. As a result, DEF is not included in the Draftomatic. Instead, keep this list of DEF rankings handy during your draft. Then, pick from it once the run on DEF begins. You’ll be fine not picking the first DEF in your draft, and perhaps better for it.
  • Draft your kicker (K) last, if at all. They are the least reliable, and most replaceable, of all positions. As a result, K’s are the least valuable of all positions. (Personally, I don’t draft K’s. Instead, I’ll pick one up from free agency after the draft, but well before the Kickoff Game. I prefer to draft an extra RB or WR in reserve, then drop the least promising one for a free-agent K.)
  • If you have a Facebook account, click the “Like” button at the Facebook page of Fantasy Football 101. Next to drafting well, assembling a strong starting lineup is paramount. Fantasy Football 101 is a virtual oracle when answering the important question of “Whom do I start this week?”
  • Throughout the season, try to trade up the VBD rankings. In other words, offer to trade your players with lower VBD scores, in exchange for players with higher VBD scores. You’re competitors are not privy to your Draftomatic Player Rankings. So, they won’t know the ingenuity behind your offers. This works really well right after your player had a good week, as people like to get in on an imagined hot streak. (This is how I traded away Lance Moore for Marques Colston, and netted an additional 40 fantasy points last season.)

This article is a living document, and will be continually updated throughout the season. Feel free to add a fantasy football best practice of your own, in the below “Leave A Reply” area.


12 responses to “Fantasy Football Draftomatic Strategies and Tips

  1. Is there any way to get the DIY cheat sheets without having to buy the book on amazon? college kid here trying to make some money for fall sem. Thanks!

    • Hi, Joe.

      I don’t have any student discounts yet. However, the Kindle app is free. There’s a link to that on the right-hand side panel. With the Kindle app, you can get a Kindle version of the book, which is considerably cheaper than the paperbacks.

      Good luck and have a great season!

  2. My league uses “bonus points”…Is there a way to factor the additional scoring?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi, Daniel.

      The following is from the FAQ section of this blog:

      Q: Can I apply performance bonus points with the Fantasy Football Draftomatic?

      A: No. The Fantasy Football Draftomatic does not have a bonus point feature.

      However, the bonus point feature can be built into the spreadsheet described in my books.

      In addition to the steps in the books, use a nested IF statement for each bonus point tier. Below is a video link that explains how to create nested IF statements. Use NFL stats, instead of dollars as used in the video.

      Nested IF Statements Video

      As you can see, this is pretty complicated stuff.

      • Thanks John.

        I apologize for not reading the FAQ first, but I appreciate the informative response. FYI, this is the 2nd year I have purchased the excel…it has been a great help! Thanks again!

      • No worries, friend.

        You’re welcome. And, thank you so much for your purchases!

        BTW, I used the Draftomatic in a league with bonus points. Despite not accounting for bonus points, I still won the championship! I guess it stands to reason that drafting players who produce the most yards and TD’s will get the bonus points anyway.

        Good luck and have a great season!

  3. When will your spreadsheet update? I have drafts coming up and notice that Jeremy Maclin & Danario Alexander are still in the middle of the pack of WRs, even though they are both out for the season? I have drafts coming up and hope this spreadsheet will be updated soon.

    • Hi, Chris.

      Thank you for your purchase!

      The following is from the FAQ section of this blog:

      The stats are updated three times per week, in August. Try clicking the Rank Players button. That will sort the VBD player rankings again.
      Also, your Draftomatic is programmed to update the hidden stat worksheets automatically, when you open the Draftomatic. If that’s not happening, try clicking the Refresh All button under the Data tab. (Your PC may have disabled the Refresh feature, while not recognizing the Draftomatic as a safe program. Silly PC.)
      As stated on the order page, the Draftomatic is not compatible with the Mac. So, please run it on a PC with Excel 2007-2013.

      UPDATE: The Draftomatic 2014 is Mac Excel 2011 compatible.

  4. My league uses .33 PPR and a few other non full point values. Is there any way to put these numbers in the input sheet? My draft is at 6:30pm tonight.

  5. Dennis Lindenbach


    I just noticed you told Chris that the Draftomatic is not compatible with a Mac, but yet I ordered it for my Mac and your entry form even lets you select for a Mac. So which is correct?


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