Fantasy Football Draftomatic (VBD) Spreadsheet Now Available!

The new Fantasy Football Draftomatic Excel spreadsheet is now available!

Last season, 76% of Draftomatic customers made it to their fantasy football playoffs.  This season, I’ve added more resources to increase your chances of winning.

The new Draftomatic now updates statistical projections automatically.  No more email updates!

Plus, a new interface makes inputting flex positions much easier.  No more calculating decimals!

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Click image to download Fantasy Football Draftomatic.

Click here to download your copy of the new Fantasy Football Draftomatic.

Good luck and have a great season!


14 responses to “Fantasy Football Draftomatic (VBD) Spreadsheet Now Available!

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  3. Hello. What % won creating the cheatsheet by buying your book??

  4. How do you use the stuff from the book on creating football cheatsheet to build cheatsheet for baseball?

    • Hi, Lee.

      The method in the Excel for Fantasy Football books will not work for Rotisserie Fantasy Baseball. However, it is possible to use the method for Head-to-Head Fantasy Baseball. You would simply use baseball stats instead of football stats.

  5. yes. i would like to use it for h2h fantasy baseball. i can follow the steps in the book and it will work? only difference is grabbing all the mlb stats now from the site?

    • I’ve never tried that method with fantasy baseball. So, I cannot answer definitively how well it will work, or if the only difference is the stat source.

      I am not a fantasy baseball expert .

      Good luck.

  6. so did you release a fantasy baseball program?

  7. Will the book outline how to add return yards and TDs to your spreadsheet? I love your product and usually just tweek it a little to fit our scoring. This year we are scoring returns and it’ll make a big difference.

  8. Will the sheet take in to consideration the Strength of Schedule?

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