Guest Blog: Will Maurice Jones-Drew Bounce Back In 2013?

Maurice Jones-Drew answering guest questions a...

Maurice Jones-Drew answering guest questions at ESPN The Weekend on February 26, 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After struggling through a disappointing 2012 campaign, Jacksonville’s Maurice Jones-Drew has seen his fantasy football stock plummet heading into this fall. Instead of looking at his past track record, many can’t erase the memories of a hold out to begin the season, and then a disappointing year to top it off. However, now that he appears to be healthy and ready to go with no contract issues lingering, can he return to form in 2013?

The biggest key for Jones-Drew right now is that he still has two more years before reaching that dreaded 30 years old plateau that running backs fear. Since he has played at a high level for so long, some feel as though he is already over the hill.

Sure, he only found the end zone once last year, but he still had an above-average year on yards per carry. That is good news for those looking to draft him somewhat early in their fantasy football draft.

So just how high will you consider taking Jones-Drew? He has dropped all the way to the 15-20 range among running backs, which seems a bit harsh for a guy who was at the top of the game in 2011. The Jaguars still do not have a consistent offense, so he will get plenty of touches to try and get things going.

With #2 overall pick Luke Joeckel (OT) headlining an improved line to protect runners, Jones-Drew should be ready to go for a strong season. He has a proven track record, so that should make him at least a top 10 running back pick. Don’t be scared off and think that one bad season will end up ruining his career. He might not be the top running back in the NFL, but he will have a strong 2013 campaign.


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