86% make playoffs with Fantasy Football Draftomatic 2013

I conducted an informal survey of Fantasy Football Draftomatic 2013 customers, asking the following questions:

  1. How many leagues were you in?
  2. How many of your teams got into the playoffs?
  3. How many of your teams won a championship?

About 11% of customers responded, totaling 36 fantasy football teams.

The results:

  • 86% of the teams made the playoffs
  • 28% of the teams won their championships

Fantasy Football, NFL, Draft, Draftomatic, 2013, Excel

We came so close to my goal of increasing the percentage of teams that make the playoffs to 90%.  Yes, I want at least 9 out of 10 Draftomatic teams to make the playoffs.  That would be so cool!

One way was to compliment the Fantasy Football Draftomatic, by addressing the weekly challenges of whom to start.  Drafting a strong team is probably the most important task during the season.  Starting your highest scoring players is a close 2nd.

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2 responses to “86% make playoffs with Fantasy Football Draftomatic 2013

  1. With only 11% of teams responding to your survey, that’s hardly indicative of any correlation between using your VBD spreadsheets and success. Maybe the only teams who replied were happy to brag about their fortuitous season, whereas the other 89% may have mostly been teams that stunk.

    • Hi, Mike. Since surveying an entire population (e.g. all Draftomatic customers) is neither feasible nor desirable, surveying a sample of the population is both statistically valid and a common practice. By calculating the confidence interval of the above survey results, I can be 95% sure that between 75% and 97% of Draftomatic teams made it to the playoffs. That’s still pretty good, Mike.

      Here’s a nifty online statistical sample size calculator that you can use too. Try it. It’s fun! http://www.surveysystem.com/sscalc.htm

      Good luck this season!

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