Using Rates To Find Breakout Fantasy Football Stars

Guest Blog by Nathan Shellstein

Every season, there are at least a few breakout stars in fantasy football. Some people might be surprised to see who truly breaks out, but others have been able to have success by looking at rates. Most veterans who have breakout seasons are able to do so thanks to a larger workload after doing quite a bit with limited action.

In order to have success in the NFL, a player needs to have an opportunity to have success. That is when checking out rates is the best way to go. Everything from usage rate to fantasy football points per play can be beneficial for someone to check out. If a running back is able to average over 5 yards a carry, they should be able to have quite a bit of success if given enough touches throughout the year.

Wide receivers are easier to predict when you are looking at advanced statistics for fantasy football. They rely more on opportunities than anything, and targets are a huge thing to check out. If a player is doing quite a bit as far as putting up fantasy football numbers in limited action, they are really going to take off with more opportunities. The best thing to do is to check out teams who made a lot of moves during the off-season. New opportunities will really open things up.

Advanced statistics in the NFL might not get the same notoriety as in baseball, but they are really starting to take off for those people who take fantasy football seriously. Even though most leagues only count the most basic statistics, using advanced statistics can really help a person take off. If a person is not using statistics to their advantage, chances are somebody else in the league is doing it and getting an edge.


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