Denver Broncos’ offense to be even better in 2014? Blogs

Adam Gase believes the Broncos can improve: Even though he’s one of the youngest offensive coordinators in the NFL, Adam Gase of the Denver Broncos isn’t lacking for confidence after his offense broke records in 2013. Gase told that he believes the offense “can do things better” in the coming season. While it’s great that Gase believes in his offense, hyperbole like this in July isn’t worth buying into — especially from a fantasy perspective. The loss of Eric Decker will be a big one for the offense, as Emmanuel Sanders won’t be able to do the same things Decker did to create space in the defensive backfield. Montee Ball should be an upgrade at running back, but overall a slight decline in numbers for this offense should be expected (five skill position players scored double-digit touchdowns last season). That being said, those decreased numbers will still be pretty…

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