How To Pick Creative Fantasy Football Team Names

Guest Blog by James Graves

One of the most interesting things about fantasy football season comes down to actually naming a team. It might not seem like a big deal, but it can show off a person’s creative side. Only the owners in your league will be able to see what you come up with, but it is always fun to try and come up with the most creative name. So what is the best strategy to use? Here are a few options to go with for inspiration.

Connect The Name To Something Personal

There are many owners who like to think of fantasy football team names that have a special meaning to them. This is a great way to keep things that matter most at the center of attention. These names are not meant to be funny as much as they are meant to means something. These are especially popular in leagues that have a bunch of relatives in them.

Stay Connected With Your Favorite Team

Just about every NFL fan has one team they are particularly fond of, so connecting a fantasy team name to that team makes a lot of sense. Some people will go directly to using an official team name like the Dallas Cowboys or the Denver Broncos. Others will come up with a creative nickname, or a complete renaming of the franchise (Ex. Washington _______ instead of Redskins).

Incorporate Something In Pop Culture Into The Name

When it comes to creativity, this is probably the most used tactic when thinking of fantasy football team names. A person can go with a television show reference (The Walking Dez), a movie reference (Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles), song references (Turn Down For Watt) or anything else. The possibilities are endless, and the right name can definitely turn heads.



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