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Fantasy Football Draftomatic

The Fantasy Football Draftomatic (FFD) spreadsheet ranks players, using the powerful technique of Value Based Drafting (VBD).  This method actually customizes your cheat sheet to your own fantasy football league’s specifications.

If you’re short on time or not interested in learning more Excel skills, get my new Fantasy Football Draftomatic spreadsheet.  It automatically customizes your draft cheat sheet quickly and easily.

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Click image to download Fantasy Football Draftomatic.

On the other hand, if you want a fun way to learn PivotTables and VLOOKUP, then check out one of my books, Excel for Fantasy Football.

Whichever you choose, you’ll be ahead of your opponents who merely use canned cheat sheets available to anybody.

I want you to have a great season.  So, draft smart, have fun, and good luck!

Order now, before the draft. You’ll be glad you did!

Value Based Draft Excel Spreadsheet Fantasy Football

“You have put a great resource together.” –Robert B.

“Thanks for such an awesome spreadsheet. Saved me a ton of work!”  –Oscar

“I absolutely loved your Draftomatic… All the guys in my league were very impressed with how much better I played this year.” — Jeri D.

“Thanks again for helping me win the championship!” — Taylor M.


13 responses to “Download VBD Spreadsheet

  1. i bought the spreadsheet and understand everything minus the flex positions. I don’g get how it works, my league has 1 flex spot for WR RB or TE, so do i just check those spots for Flex A? What are the rest of the Flexes? The Bench?

    • Thanks for your purchase, Dave!

      Yes, enter the number of that particular flex position. (Usually, there’s only 1.) Then, check the boxes for WR, RB, and TE.

      The rest of the flexes are for different types of flex positions, for example QB/RB.

      Do not enter any Bench positions in the Draftomatic.

      There’s also a diagram and more details on the FAQ page. Here’s the link:

      Good luck, and have a great season!

  2. Hey, I am in a few auction leagues and was wondering how I should go about assigning “good value” dollar amounts to each player. For example, last year I got Arian Foster for $50, which is 25% of the allotted money to draft a team. So do you have any recommendations for assigning your VBD number to a $ amount?

    Great spreadsheet by the way!

    • Thanks, Chris!

      I don’t have any information for auction drafts at this time. I suppose you could divide all of the auction money of the entire league in proportion to the players’ VBD scores of zero and above. Please keep in mind that I’m not an expert with auction drafts (yet).

      There are some books that address auction drafts though. Sam Hendricks is another author worth reading.

      Good luck and have a great season!

  3. Increased my winning % 13% from 2012 to 2013. Gonna do even better in 2014. If you’re not using Draftomatic you’re wrong.

  4. Good Day John,

    When can we expect this years draftomatic to be available for purchase?

    • Hi, D.

      Not soon enough, right?

      Statistical projections are slow in coming out this year. I suspect it’s because the NFL draft was held later this season.

      I have been checking in with my stat sources almost everyday; and will send emails, and make blog posts once the Draftomatic is available. You can click the “Sign me up!” button to get automatic blog updates.

      This wait is killing me! haha :\


    • Hi, D.

      The Draftomatic is ready now!

      Have a great season!


  5. Is there a way to add bonuses for each position?

    • Hi, Jason.

      The following is from the FAQ and Contact page:

      Q: Can I apply performance bonus points with the Fantasy Football Draftomatic?

      A: No. The Fantasy Football Draftomatic does not have a bonus point feature.

      However, the bonus point feature can be built into the spreadsheet described in my books.

      In addition to the steps in the books, use a nested IF statement for each bonus point tier. Below is a video link that explains how to create nested IF statements. Use NFL stats, instead of dollars as used in the video.

      Nested IF Statements Video

      As you can see, this is pretty complicated stuff.

  6. Hi John,

    I have a question, i will be entering my NFL Fantasy for the first time. I was wondering if this excel spreadsheet will help me pick the right players and if I will be able to remove players once other fantasy players pick them.

    Also, what does Flex A,B,C, D mean? (sorry for my ignorance)

    • Hi, John.

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

      Yes, the Draftomatic 2014 will indeed help you pick the best players for your league. It creates a list of ranked NFL players, customized to your league’s starting roster and point scheme. This ought to be a huge edge over your opponents.

      I hope to introduce macro buttons, that will update the list of ranked players as the draft progresses, in the Draftomatic 2015. They’re not currently in the Draftomatic 2014. For now, I simply print the list, and use a pen. Low tech, but fast, flexible, and effective.

      I don’t know what kind of flex positions are in your league (e.g. RB/WR, RB/WR/TE, etc.). So, I made five generic slots for flex positions (Flexes A to E), for you to customize. Please don’t apologize; those are all great questions.

      Good luck this season!

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