Get NFL Stats

Free NFL Stats Excel Cheat Sheet Statistics QB RB WR Raw Data Fantasy Football

  • Save time! (I’ve already done the tedious data importing and scrubbing for you.)
  • Last six seasons of raw NFL statistics (2008-2014)
  • Positions include QB, RB and WR

“This is a gold-mine.” — JW

“All those stats in one convenient file really helped.”  — Ryan C.

“Much appreciated!  I started collecting the data myself, but this will make it MUCH quicker!” – Will

NFL Stats 2008_2012 fantasy football microsoft excel

Click image to enlarge.

NFL stats are available for FREE through Secret Weapons, with the purchase of Excel for Fantasy Football.  Or, download the stats for only $1 through FastSpring:

NFL Stats Draft Excel Spreadsheet Fantasy Football Download


9 responses to “Get NFL Stats

  1. Thank you very much for logging all this data, I will enjoy!

  2. Hi,

    I just purchased a copy buy I only have 3 tabs(QB,WR,RB), where are the DST & TE stats?

    • Thanks, Rich!

      The Excel file was designed for use with my books, and only includes stats for those three positions — QB, WR, and RB. Creating cheat sheets for DST, TE, and K yielded little value.

      Good luck and have a great season!

  3. When will this be upated with the end of the year stats, I would want to buy it then.

  4. Will you write another one this year it appears you do it every 4 years?

    • Hi, Brandon. Thanks for the inquiry. I would like to write a new version of my book for MS Excel 2013. In fact, I’m currently checking my budget to purchase MS Excel 2013. I’ll announce the new book via this blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Stay tuned and good luck!

  5. Hi,
    This is so awesome! Thanks so much for compiling this data! This is by far the best way to start learning some intermediate Excel skills!

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